Today’s PPA webinar on ‘Transitioning from Founder-Led to Perpetual Governance Models’ with expert panellists, Rob Millard (Cambridge Strategy Group), Fernando Pelaez-Pier (F.Pelaez Consulting,, David Shufflebotham (PEP Up Consulting), Claire Watkins (Buzzacott) and Zulon Begum (CM Murray LLP) was brilliant!

Above is a screenshot from the session of Rob Millard’s and David Shufflebotham’s excellent matrix reflecting key factors that impact a founder to perpetual model transition. Founder led firms need to aim for the top right quadrant.

Other interesting takeaways were:

  • Early discussions with exiting and joining partners is key.
  • Firms and founders need to look at viability of an exit and the impact on cash flow at least 3 to 5 years ahead.
  • Governance docs need to be regularly reviewed and reflect the firm’s succession plan.
  • There are many ways to cut the cake, including annuities, consultancy arrangements, a goodwill model, a “naked in, naked out” or tenancy model and returns on a future capital event.

Don’t worry if you missed it, it was recorded and will be shared in due course.