Do you want to make sound, evidence based, decisions on partner performance and remuneration this year? Well, you’ll improve your chances if your RemCom members listen to this podcast on the psychology of good governance and decision making.

Listen out for:

  • the role our most common cognitive biases play
  • tips for making better judgments and decisions by breaking them up into sub-decisions and giving each a score – and delaying taking an integrated and intuitive view until you have all the information at hand
  • anchoring and problems with traditional means of making budget setting decisions and the reinforcement of silos

Podcast: Think with Pinker – Nudges and noise

The way we think makes us vulnerable to bad decision making, but in his guide to thinking better, Steven Pinker explores how we can exploit our cognitive biases to make better choices. Professor Pinker is joined by: Daniel Kahneman, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, Nobel Prize in Economics winner and author of “Thinking Fast and Slow” and “Noise A Flaw in Human Judgement” Robyn Scott, writer, entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Apolitical, a peer to peer learning platform for public servants designed to make government smarter and more effective.