The SRA recently launched a new consultation on proposed rule changes on health and wellbeing at work, following their recent guidance and thematic review on workforce environments.

The consultation proposes the introduction of a limited fitness to practise regime, enabling the SRA to place conditions or restrictions on a solicitors Practising Certificate where a medical condition means they are unable to meet their regulatory obligations and/or be subject to a disciplinary process.

In this second Ten-Minute Talk on the consultation, my Professional Discipline and Regulatory Partner, Andrew Pavlovic and I discuss this proposed change.  Whilst some may consider that the introduction of a fitness to practise regime is long overdue, bringing the SRA into line with other regulators, there are concerns about the pressure this may place on individuals to declare medical conditions, and whether the interference by the SRA into an individual’s ability to practise has potential disability discrimination implications.

If you would like to discuss the SRA Consultation on rule changes on health and wellbeing at work further, or if you have any questions arising from this video, please contact Andrew Pavlovic or Clare Murray.