We are delighted to share the webinar recording of Part 2 in the Professional Practices Alliance webinar series, ‘”Should we merge?”, a discussion on whether, when and how to merge with another firm, in which an expert panel explores how firms should plan and prepare for a merger. Please see below for full details.

In this webinar, you can hear Chair, Corinne Staves (Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP), Robert Millard (Cambridge Strategy Group), David Fisher (CM Murray LLP), Zulon Begum (CM Murray LLP), David Shufflebotham (Pep Up Consulting) and Andrew Pavlovic (CM Murray LLP) discussing issues such as:

  • How does the SRA view mergers and whether there are any concerns around confidentiality and conflicts of interest.
  • Whether a merger is really about two firms merging, or whether it is about creating a new, more successful firm.
  • How do you persuade and reassure the workplace on the major upheaval causes by a merger?
  • Understanding why it is important to have your finger on the pulse in understanding your partners and what decisions they will make upon a proposed merger.
  • What should firms be focused on post-merger?
  • The importance of emphasising the positives of the merger and why it is a good decision for the firm.
  • Key factors to be considered in assisting fee earners with a dip in revenue during a merger.

If you have any questions arising from this recording or would like to discuss law firm or other professional services mergers, or for any other partnership law issues, please contact our Partner and Head of Non-Contentious Partnership Practice, Zulon Begum.