As the Conservative Party leadership race draws closer to a conclusion, we are delighted to share with you the latest episode of our Ten-Minute Talk video series, with special guest Dr Henry Marsden, Managing Partner of Professional Services Firms International, where we discuss the often fraught issues involved with leadership transition in professional services firms, and the parallels and lessons that can be drawn from the current race to replace the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In this Ten-Minute Talk, our Partner, Zulon Begum, and Dr Henry Marsden, discuss the following issues:

  • The key qualities required of a professional services firm leader;
  • How can firms develop a diverse (in terms of skills, background and ideas) pipeline of potential leadership candidates?
  • What types of leadership election/selection process works well for professional practices and how can firms avoid the process becoming a popularity contest?
  • How can firms ensure the partnership unites behind the chosen candidate and help them be a successful leader, especially if the leadership contest was fractious?