We are delighted to share with you the recording of our recent webinar, ‘The Greater Good; How Professional Firms Are Embracing B Corp Status, ESG & Other Non-Profit Making Objectives’, in which partnership law specialists and sustainability management experts discuss the importance of promoting accountability and transparency to a wider group of stakeholders along with environmental, social and corporate governance and how this can be achieved within professional firms.

There is increased pressure on professional firms to enhance their social engagement and sustainability. Thus, it is important to consider what measures professional firms should undertake to assess their impact performance on stakeholders and subsequently improve it. In this webinar, you can hear Chair Rob Millard, (Cambridge Strategy Group), and speakers Emma Bartlett, (CM Murray LLP), Dr John Henry Looney, (Sustainable Direction Ltd) and Corinne Staves, (CM Murray LLP) discuss the following:

  • What is B Corp and how can professional firms achieve certification? The strategic thinking behind the implementation of ESG and other non-profit making objectives.
  • The importance of driving diversity and inclusion from the top and its impact on staff retention rates.
  • Box-ticking exercise vs the true meaning of sustainability: The need for professional firms to consider adopting a proactive approach toward accountability and to implement high business standards for the benefit of their stakeholders and wider community.
  • The impact of client base on professional firms’ commitment towards sustainability has dramatically increased, with some clients refusing to engage with the firms that have inadequate measures in place.
  • The difference between accountability obligations in companies and LLPs and how to ensure that professional firms achieve full visibility on their commitment towards the greater good.