Listen to the latest episode of ReguLaw, featuring guest speaker David Hopkins of 39 Essex Chambers.

In this episode Andrew PavlovicNaomi Latham and David discuss the SRA’s changing approach to sanctions and financial penalties, including:

👉 The recent increase in the SRA’s internal fining powers, with a discussion as to how those powers have been exercised to date

👉 The rare circumstances where the SRA will hold a hearing before an adjudication panel, what type of cases might be appropriate for such hearings and how often we would expect this to occur in practice

👉 The SRA’s extension of turnover based fines for firms and the introduction of means based fines for individuals

👉 Notable cases involving the fining of individuals for sexual misconduct and instances where the SRA have sought permission to address the Tribunal on sanctions

👉 The recent case of Barnes, its application to sanctions in Hutchings, and whether this case will have an impact on financial sanctions/costs orders in the Tribunal going forwards

Listen using the link above or wherever you get your podcasts.