I attended Lawtech UK’s “GenerativeAI Series: Roadmap to 2030” event held at the Law Society earlier this week, with panels expertly chaired by Christina Blacklaws (she/her) and Richard Susskind. I was amazed though to hear that almost all legal tech start-ups aim their businesses at in-house legal departments and SMEs – not law firms.

In professional services firms we are now beginning to see an increased focus on “advised emissions”. The Law Society of England Wales has recently published guidance on the impact of climate change on solicitors, in which, among other things, it asks solicitors to consider the climate impact of their client work and climate related issues/risks

Much has been written over the years about how difficult it is for clients to differentiate between one law firm and the next.

From a client perspective, law firms all look remarkably similar. Trust, reputation and brand generally play an unusually important role in buying professional services. Appearing in directories such as Chambers & Partners,

Can neuro-atypical team members help improve the quality of decisions in teams responsible for the complex problem-solving in VUCA situations, such as in addressing strategy business transformation and innovation?

I enjoyed watching the ABC TV series ‘The Good Doctor’. Starring Freddy Highmore as the likeable Dr Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgical resident at a California

The March 2021 edition of the prestigious Journal of Management Studies contains no fewer than three articles on the topic of business models versus strategy. What makes them different; in practice, does this matter?

Intuitively, clear differences do seem to exist in practice. Strategy, one might say, is about the “what” that firm leaders must