1.  Client focus

The first aim of the alliance is to enable its members to provide a better service to their own clients with the assistance of the other members where appropriate.

2.  Profile

A further aim is to raise the profile of all of the members among professional practices and other service providers, including banks and insurance brokers.

3.  Quality

Members agree to provide services of the highest standards in their own fields and to assist other members to do so through appropriate training, updates etc.

4.  Non-exclusivity

There will be no exclusive relationships between firms, who will be free (and indeed expected) to refer their clients to whichever services provider is best for the job whether a member or not. Where a client has indicated that they wish to work with firms in the alliance, for example, by contacting a member firm through the alliance website, member firms will respect that client’s decision and refer that client to member firms, unless it is not in the client’s interest to do so.  No fees will be payable in return for referrals. 

5.  Participation

All members will do their best to promote the alliance and to take part in its activities. The alliance will meet every six weeks, initially, and then every two months or as required in order to discuss matters of mutual interest.

6.  A learning alliance

Members of the alliance will strive to ensure improvements in the way they provide services and the way in which the alliance operates. This will be achieved, amongst other things, by regular monitoring and evaluation of the alliance’s achievements and of any issues which arise, and by the provision of appropriate feedback (subject to client confidentiality).

7.  Contribution

A budget for expenses of the alliance (relating to training, branding, marketing and so on) will be agreed in advance and shared equally.

8.  Membership

New members will join, and a member will cease to be a member of, the alliance if asked in writing to do so by 2 of the members.

9.  Integrity

All members will observe the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, respecting the regulatory obligations of all members.